Concerning a few changes - and a few words

With this three week pause between radio progrems hearkening back to...well, last year, I felt now was a good time to say a few things. Some time back, my dear Co-Historian and the man who helped bring me here, Farmer Iggy AKA Peter Dragon (Or if you prefer Farmer Dragon) decided to leave the site, feeling it was time to move on and leave the site and its responsibilities in new and maybe better hands. I decided to stay on, mostly to continue writing about what I...listen, and also in case of any transition to the next generation of WrestleCrap Radio Historians. The latter has yet to occur, and I'm happy with the former, so I guess that will be the case for the time being.

In case you care (and I know you don't), I want to allay a few things. The site will NOT change from what FD intended it to be. It will continue to be an archive of WrestleCrap Radio and anything related to it. Much as I would want to change the site into yet another fan-site of the Montreal Canadiens (mediocre and loving it!), I felt it would be easier and more to his wishes to keep the site as it is. He still hovers around from time to time, but for the most part I guess I'm the head honcho around here. Which seems just fine to me, of course, just so long as the site still functions.

I have, though, managed to find a fine duo who shares the same thinking as I to see the site prosper. So please say hello to (Still Not) Tom Bosley, the creator of many a fine movie clip seen on WCR and a man who has a better hand at HTML than I, and Clarence "Showstealer" Mason, our resident Atticus Finch-like lawyer who's also been using his fine writing skills for other than kicking ass in court. Please make these two welcome as my new fellow WCR Co-Historians!

SPEAKING OF new writings, Mr. Mason has something for us - something older than even this site apparently. While randomly going through his court documents he had found something he'd written and thought long lost - a Year In Review piece for 2005. With his permission I've placed it here for your consideration, a sort of gift/portent as it were, for new things to come.

Till the next update then, always yours,
Premier Blah
February 13, 2010

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