Minisode #196 Bicentennial Popcorn Bucket

by iggy

May 20, 2011

RD has a WWE Niagra Falls t-shirt.
Bicentennial Memories
Ron Keel went country.
The CrapHole debuts.
New sponsors.
Bob Griese wore glasses.
Rockin' Robin sings.
Blade has a Jim Hellwig impression.
Maria and Tiffany may dance on a bar.
Ric Flair wrestled 100,000 matches?
Honky Tonk Mail Man breaks news about 2-21-11.
Angry Jim Ross gets teased.
Kelly Kelly achieves a life-long goal.
Michael Hayes is unchained.
Joanie Laurer is back.

#three times the action #right to rock

I kinda like that Freebirds song.

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