Random Thoughts from the Office: October 21, 2011

It's been nearly 3 months since we've (and by extension the Co-Fruitcakes) had to do anything, so you can't expect solid gold the first time out. Case in point, this column which is probably going to suck.

There's plenty of things to discuss. I could talk about how the WWE totally screwed up and basically buried one of the hottest things they had in years in CM Punk just so we could have the second coming of Johnny Ace (I still say he should be forced to carry the skateboard with him. That thing would still get heat). But then I kind of expected that from the start. I could humbly eat crow, because it looks like they might actually be getting behind a concerted push of Zack Ryder, when I thought that might be impossible, but then I always have a get-out clause when it comes to WWE nowadays in terms of that. That clause of course being "Well, wait a month". If he wins the US title this Sunday THEN we'll talk, until then it's just window dressing. I could go over a lot of my favorite Wrestlecrap Radio memories, but then most of mine at a lot like your own anyway.....well except maybe this one where I set off what I will argue was the greatest tangent ever, but then I'm incredibly selfish. Oh yeah there's that too.

But ultimately I'm going to go to one of the staples of my column, because with the news that happened while we were all away there really is only one thing I feel I could discuss.

Yep, Vince Russo.

So there's much rejoicing throughout the land as Russo stepped down as head writer of TN.....Impact Wrestling and was replaced by Brother Love. Things would finally turn around for them; they may not be able to compete but at least the shows would be watchable again, there would finally be a chance and certainly the first salvo is promising as they're giving James Storm a run with the TNA Championship and there's not the same people on top that there normally are. Maybe they've learnt.

You think by now we'd know better.

Yes once again I'm going to go into my spiel that Vince Russo isn't a bad writer; he has bad IDEAS yes but he's not a bad writer and actually I do believe that the move is the right one for TNA. As much as I respect his abilities as a writer Vince Russo just CAN'T be your head writer; he works best when he has a "filter", someone who can say "no" to him.....but I'm not so sure Pritchard is that guy.

Let's not beat around the bush, Pritchard is a puppet. The real power of creative lies in the two men that have pretty much tanked TNA in the first place, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Look at what's happening (And just a warning, I'm trying not to but I may sneak into spoiler territory here), if we argue that the whole Storm thing is the number one story, what's number two? Eric Bischoff and his son.....WHO THE FUCK CARES?

Maybe I'm just being jaded but I lost faith in anything TNA served up from pretty much the moment Hogan signed with them, and like WWE lately my argument is always "Wait five minutes". That's more an indictment of WWE though. Hogan and Bischoff seem permanently stuck in 1996 where they think they are what's right with wrestling and if you disagree you're either a smart mark or you don't "Get it". Ironically Vince McMahon thought the same thing for the longest time and it took an error of judgement, a happy mistake and a daring writer willing to capitalize on the situation to turn the ship around. The error in judgement came from a man who would ultimately become his son in law, the happy mistake turned the man who took the ball and ran with it into the greatest name in wrestling history and the writer who was willing to capitalize on it.....just stepped down as TNA's Head Writer.

Such is life.....such is wrestling.

Clarence "Showstealer" Mason

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