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So...remember when the Co-Fruitcakes were talking about having more radio progrems to make up for being lazy so much last year for some reason?

The year is over.
Our Christmas gift to the Twelve:
Lots more shows next year.

Yeah...about that. Nothing's happened yet, and January's almost up. I'm not saying heads should roll here, but I hate to be proven right yet again. At this rate I should just concentrate on actual writing instead of waiting on others to help 'prompt' it for me...though I would still be too lazy regardless. Hmmm.

Anyway though. To make up for it you once again have the opportunity to vote on what you may consider the worst thing to happen in pro wres - sports entertainment I mean - in the past year (at least from random postings on RD's Facebook page on what was subjectively considered the worst). This has given me the good excuse to write about it here and point you to the poll if you didn't know already, so go ahead and do it.

Last year we were 'blessed' with these following nominees.

  • Joker Sting and his Watchbird (TNA): Poor Steve Borden. He's in what should be his fine twilight years in the business and TNA made him all go Joker on his enemies. Of course being TNA, they aimed for Christopher Nolan and instead became Joel Schumacher, having this now "Insane Icon" having a BIRD of all things terrorize people. Apparently they thought the Joker and the Penguin were one and the same; or someone in TNA's back office was talking about how good looking the Joker's 'chick' was, and instead of Dixie Carter being smart enough to dress up a Knockout as Harley Quinn gave Sting a rather harmless pigeon. Still, he's better than that kangaroo mascot they had for one week. (To be sure, I'm not knocking Sting here. He clearly looked like he was having fun with the whole thing and I love that. It's just the way the corporation has been handling it has been nothing but asinine; they should at least make SOMETHING solid from it instead of the confusion we have here.)
  • The Winter/Angelina Love Storyline (TNA): Speaking of TNA fucking up what should normally be an automatic winner, we have yet another convoluted angle from the company. A girl is stalked by another girl only she can 'see', gets 'drugged' voudu-style to do her bidding, then just remains that way even after that part 'ends'. Perhaps she secretly likes the sadomasochism involved. With the problems of a complete change of characters, things that would definitely be illegal in normal society (even in the weird confines of pro wres - sports entertainment), implied rape of all things, the bad side winning and CLAIMING the good side, ruining a wrestler's career prospects by pushing them down the card (which no one wants their angle to do), and another TNA style abrupt 'conclusion', this has the definite hallmarks of an induction. So why not sooner rather than later?
  • Michael Cole (WWE): Poor, poor, poor Sean Coulthard. People rarely remember when he actually had a credible career as a valuable journalist for CBS Radio, reporting on Bill Clinton's presidential campaign, Waco, and the Oklahoma City Bombing among other things. Then he goes to WWE and wins the Wrestling Observer's Worst Television Announcer 'award' thrice for the terrible job he's been generally doing. At least Mike Adamle was smart enough with deliberately being bad to rile up people, of which he was very good at. Cole is trying his best to be the heel announcer, bless his heart...but with the way he and WWE are doing things, it's just not working. And the last year isn't helping his case much either. Until things change and they actually get things the way they want it (i.e. good), he's still going to have to fight against those who oppose him. Like in this case.
  • The "Walkout" (WWE): Hunter 'dismisses' his father-in-law from his onscreen role with a badly said line (which strangely is even worse than some of the things he said in The Chaperone), continues to maintain the status quo, gets into 'conflicts' with the rest of the 'roster', said 'roster' (filled with mostly mid-carders and other peoples including the production crew, but 'oddly' enough none of the main eventers) walk out on him for 'safety reasons' (which as anyone who's followed the industry for a while can tell you is rather hilarious in its irony), and then gets 'replaced' by Johnny Ace who promptly drops the whole angle, never to be heard from again. Emperor, it sounds like something WCW would dream up in its dying days to try and keep itself afloat, except this is WWE which is showing little signs of collapse. You'd think they would have something just focusing on CM Punk's Attitude Era reign and shaking things up in the company, but nope! That would make sense, and sense is the last thing on their mind.
  • The dropped "Mystery" Raw GM (WWE): You can now add the identity of the mysterious RAW GM to whoever drove that White Hummer, Baby Doll's incriminating Dusty Rhodes photos, and Blade's "Big Announcements" as things that will never be uncovered. For months we wondered who was 'running' the show through that damn computer of theirs, which was all for naught as it just vanished one day. Perhaps someone accidentally dropped and broke it and that was the only one the GM could afford. Fuck, for all we know I could have been that GM somehow through time traveling shenanigans. Whatever the case, feel free to make up your own answers to this; it would certainly be more satisfying than anything they may have had planned for it to end, that's for damn sure.
  • Sting vs. Jeff Hardy at Victory Road 2011 (TNA): What a clusterfuck that was. FIGHTING IN THE MAIN EVENT NO LESS, Jeff was literally 'in no condition to perform', though this did not stop TNA from continuing with the match as planned anyway, and was defeated in just one move in 88 seconds in front of a 'sell-out' crowd of 1100 people. Absolutely terrible on all fronts. Even if it doesn't win for some reason it should still be written about for the site. Hell, I'd ask to do it for kicks; I guess I'd have clout now that I write for the site in some capacity.
  • WWE's obsession with Twitter (#WWE): #Overkill, pure and simple. Sure, Twitter is popular with the #peoplethesedays, many things are right now. #thatshowweroll. But the way that the @WWEUniverse has been all over the #socialnetworking site like a loner masturbating to a nudie mag is, well, #madness. Could you imagine if @WWE did that with #Myspace and how annoying THAT would be? And we all know what happened to THEM, right? #Epicfail, truly. And for all we know, this #trendingonTwitter may last about as long and positively in #thepubliceye as most #Divasmatches are currently. Hell, Twitter itself may go #thewayofthedodo by the end of the year and make WWE look like it has an #eggontheface from all the #dicksucking it's been doing. Let's hope they don't get that #obnoxious ever again.

You have until the next Friday from this posting (the 26th) to vote on it. So what are you waiting for? It's free, it's quick, and it's less painful than listening to the radio progrem. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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