Episode 16: Not the Bees: June 28, 2013

"You know, like the sandwich"
35 minutes

The Fruitcakes are planning a reunion show on July 6th, once more at Indy Days Of The Dead.

I guess things were too good to be true, huh?

RD remembers when he was on Get In The Ring Radio. I wonder who killed that off?

Blade often confuses his love with Linda Blair. Of course it's just the booze again. I mean, one of them has an obscure albeit an active career. The other is Linda Blair.

Don Mason is to be at their show. This worries RD. (:06)

Back to today's show, Blade is doing his best Nicholas Cage in The Wicker Man impression while trying a can of Jolly Ranchers/Ruffles Crispy Fries. (:14) He's not impressed. RD enjoyed finding knock-off sodas to see their names.

RD has to entertain the people. (:18)

Does Linda Blair look like Mickie James?
17% said "Yes"
33% said "No"
50% said "Only When Lifting The Tail"
RD cannot remember Blade's old acquaintance Reuben "you know, like the sandwich". (:22) He remembers the time he was sent on a snipe hunt. "I can't believe you fired this guy," RD wonders. In response, Blade remembers how Reuben had to drive Blade to the hospital after Blade walked through a glass window.

RD: "Can we talk some wrestling?"
Blade: Oh let's do, that's what we're here for."

Mickie James is a heel again. Also, Mickie pronounces her love for Dr. Pepper in a recent advertisement. RD asks Blade if seeing Mickie on a horse gave him flashbacks? (:29) Blade dreamed he attended a TNA show at his grandparents' house attempting to hit on her with no avail. Of course. (:31)

Blade does his Sir Alec impression. Apparently he was also in his dream looking like Clarence Thomas. I wonder...

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