From Captain Crunch to Pop Tarts

Raging_Demons here & we have a follow-up to a classic WCR episode from days gone by!

In case you don't remember Deal went to my neck of the woods, Southern California, & discovered the treasure that was the "Captain Crunch Milkshake". Now the Captain Crunch Milkshake at the time was being sold by a local fast food chain called "Carl's Jr.". The same Carl's Jr. that's a part of Hardees that we saw Vickie Guerrero stuffing her mouth filled with hamburgers on a recent RAW.

Well it looks like Carl's Jr. has struck again!

From the people that gave you the Captain Crunch Milkshake this company proudly brings to you...
The Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich!

That's right! A scoop of vanilla ice cream trapped between two fattening Strawberry Pop Tarts! Imagine those arteries clogging kids!

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