Random WWCR Fact of the Day

This site - this very site you are somehow managing to read despite a Japanese invasion - is a footnote reference in the expanded The Death of WCW. (Reference #10 to be exact.)

"Joe's Bar and Grill was run better than that company [WCW], and they've only been open a week. WCW, the 'war'. I never figured it was a war. I wasn't mad at nobody. I just come to fight the guy in the ring. But these guys, the egos got into it...I was like 'stop'!"
- Roddy Piper, as quoted in The Death of WCW, Chapter 2: 1996: The War Begins.

This has been your Random WWCR Fact of the Day.

(Also, buy the book. It's an Amazon bestseller!)

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