WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #088: Merry Xmas, Johnny Six!

Wrestlecrap Radio's RD Reynolds recently appeared on Episode #35 of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's podcast "Piper's Pit" where (*spoiler alert*) Piper mentions that WWE was almost thrown off the USA network because of complaints from viewers who's children were upset that he had beat up Santa Claus (although it was obviously Bobby Heenan) on National TV.

Although the above paragraph has nothing really to do with this video, RD did bring up Piper's Halloween PSAs on the show, and speaking of "PSAs", this WCR Minisode (from WCR episode #88, December 21, 2007) does feature a few of Piper's PSAs for Christmas. And also relive Chris Engler singing the Trolla Corporation's version of Jingle Bells & the debut of Johnny 6:

(by wcrminisodes)

And be sure to visit here for the archives (or for more "minisodes" go here.)

...And Merry Christmas from wrestlecrapradio.blogspot.com everyone! Ana a "Oh Baby Jesus!"

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