WCR Video: Leave The Global Internet Memories Alone

This was Wrestlecrap Radio's tear-jerking tribute (from episode #205, 2/17/12) to their long-time sponsor GlobalInternet.Net. The [*slams desk*] "Best Damn Web-host in the Entire Universe", then owned by Greg Ogorek, ceased to be WCR's sponsor after they were bought by another company. Over the seven years of sponsoring the show, RD and Blade would often advertise that buying a URL from GlobalInternet.Net would increase your chances of receiving (quote) "Guaranteed Pootang" (unquote) and other claims of assured carnal embrace....which Greg later debunked on episode #150. We wish GlobalInternet.Net well on their future ??? endeavors.

...Oh wait, before I play this....Lord Alfred, if you please!

(Video by Blade Braxton)

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