WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #149 & #178

Over on The Mike Check Show, it seems that Sheriff Harry Dickwell has crashed Mike's "This Is Your Life" party and has placed the radio DJ under arrest once again...but not before telling his side of the story of the time, back in 2009, of his original hunt for ole Mike for his unpaid child support debts.

One part of the story involves the infamous Wrestlecrap Radio moment, on episode #149 (June 26, 2009), when Mike Check had supposedly died from a Fireworks Factory explosion:

(Also featured in this Minisode: Candice Michelle released, Angry Jim hates Kentucky Grilled Chicken, Blade threatens to paint)

...However, it turned out that Mike had actually faked his own death so he could avoid going to prison and so his "whiz-kid" daughter could sell more of his T-Shirts and bumper stickers. Mike's plan eventually fails as he was found and arrested by Sheriff Dickwell about a year later, on WCR episode #178 (June 25, 2010), and then serves a prison sentence at Folsom from where he uses his phone call privileges to talk to RD and Blade:

(Also featured in this Minisode: Kinder Surprise commercial, C.S. Irwn debuts, Maryse Haiku)

...And stay tuned to Mike Check's "THIS IS YOUR LIFE"! For the next few days, the "untold next chapter" of the "Hunt For Mike Check" saga continues, as today, Mike talks about his past "jailhouse" stint and Sheriff Dickwell talks about resuming his manhunt after Mike's eventual prison escape. And you wont believe what happens next!

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