007 Flipping a stuffed bird: October 7, 2005

Flipping a stuffed bird
((( recorded in low phone-buzzing fidelity ))) (29 minutes)

RD dreamed he was on Hogan Knows Best and Brooke had some magic wand (a dildo?). He also read a masochistic book from some guy with a menial grocery-based job. More Boo Berry talk.

TNA's name sucks. Blade wants to call them TeNAy instead.

Raw's highlight hour of their homecoming special reminded RD that the show used to be good. Linda McMahon is a terrible in-ring actress. Kevin Von Erich was at Raw.

RD says the Dusty Rhodes book has been accepted by last weeks' question of the week "winner." This week's from Kamala Balboa is about Koko's stuffed bird on Raw and whether it would be auctioned off. Koko also demands extra for the bird for wrestling appearances.

Blade Braxton's Weekly Wrestling Haiku:
Koko with stuffed bird.
Judging by Hunter's physique,
Trips ate the real bird.

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