273 Heel-Off: May 13, 2018


 27 minutes
The face of a man who thinks Hogan beating
Sting after a year of build-up was a good idea

Kai has also written something about this. Give it a look too won't you?

Blade is outside on a live remote getting heatstroke "like a lobster in a way." RD would eat some lobster if it would improve his spirits, especially if Sting delivered it to him, preferably while attached to a helicopter.

Blade: "I write the itineraries. Sometimes."

The cause of this impromptu recording is THIS MAN: former wrestling bigwig Eric Bischoff (or Bitchoff as the Honky Tonk non-Mail-Man likes to call him). He has own podcast now you see. (:04) All you need to know about it and him is that it's called 83 Weeks, referring to the time period where Nitro beat Raw in the ratings...over 21 years ago. If it were a living person it would be old enough to drink, probably to forget about Thunder.

It's only the second episode (of his show, not WWCR, although it feels like that sometimes) and we learn that Eric has a sudden grudge against RD. An except (:07 - :11) has his co-host Conrad Thompson read to him one (1) passage from The Death Of WCW about how bad the once red-hot WCW ended up becoming under his watch, on its way to losing $15 million in 1999. Speaking in phone-buzzing echoing fidelity Eric rambled against RD and Bryan Alvarez about how the "clowns" didn't interview him for the book (despite not actually responding to their original questions) and misread his actual financial standing, and that he won't sign "a book he didn't write" ( to quote RD who has his own heel promo against him).

Fig.1: Eric Bischoff's actual financial standing in action
RD thinks Eric has more of an issue of his unflattering image on the original cover as seen at the top of this here post. This is despite other original cover guys Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Vince Russo not minding signings, and two of those three remain happily and healthily active in WWE and elsewhere (unlike Eric). RD also reminds that he also wrote in the book that Eric was a pioneering genius who's early success with Nitro should be studied and emulated, and helped bring professional wrestling into the 21st century (:14). This was kept in the reprint even after he was kicked out of TNA.

In another podcast excerpt (:15 - :17) co-host Conrad manages to persuade Eric to go to Starrcast by All-In in Chicago in September to continue to passionately flail and fail in person about how in fact, WCW's downfall was actually a good thing, or something.

Why is he intently reading
the dust jacket?
RD announces that he too will be there to face him, he will bring Blade as backup, and among other featured guests Kevin Sullivan and JJ Dillon will be there (perhaps as judges). Blade brings back the idea of holding the WWCR Carnival (:21) and perhaps after they are done with that they can join in the Roast of Bruce Prichard as well. (Coincidentally Hall and Nash will also be there as featured guests. Also coincidentally Russo will not.)

Additionally, in regard's to Eric's attempts to continue being a rabble-rousing tough guy heel persona (admittedly still far too widespread and outdated in the profession outside of the ring and active working as a whole) in a bid to remain relevant and not left behind as the industry changes, they just seem somewhat embarrassing, and this is during a time where such bluster is accepted and even sometimes rewarded. His now white hair belies his older years of no longer being a leader on the air as he was before let alone being a persona non grata in WWE, his long time rival even now. Before in the so called "good old days" he could make out with middle-aged housewives just because he could. Now they are the only legible people in his current dating pool (if such a thing is applicable) without paying upfront first.

(Let us hope he uses protection though even now. We don't want another Garrett Bischoff running around now, do we?)

Present Day Eric Bischoff
Seventeen Syllables:
Bischoff hates the Crap.
"I'm tired of hearing a-
bout Eric Bischoff!!!"

$31.00 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right 


Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku: Blade's sick of hearing about Easy E:
    Bischoff hates the Crap.
    "I'm tired of hearing a-
    bout Eric Bischoff!!!"


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