Blade's "Big Announcement" finally revealled?

For years we have been wondering one thing. What the hell is Blade's "Big Announcement"?

Ever since Episode 88 Blade always says that he has a "Big Announcement" to say but he'll say it later. It has been a running joke on Wrestlecrap Radio for YEARS! Some say that Blade's "Big announcement" can be ranked up to the legends of "Does The Loch Ness Monster Exist?", or "Who was driving that white Hummer?", or even "Will The Chicago Cubs win the World Series?" Okay I know one of those happened but according to Blade this may be his "Big Announcement":

Blade Braxton: "Nine years ago, I filled in for a wrestler who no-showed while wearing the hokiest mask imaginable in front of a crowd of maybe 100 people. Flash forward to today, a near decade of mileage, injuries and a flower masked lifetime later. We finally were able to announce that our show, Drive-In Movie Maniacs, will be syndicated nationwide on Retro TV. Alongside the show's creator Terrible Tim, the Midnight Rose will be in full bloom every week in 68 MILLION households in the United States, providing some old-school horror movie madness to the masses!
No matter what your "gimmick" in life may be, never stop. Never yield. Never give a fuck if it's not the "norm." Pimp yourself out and shove that motherfucker in as many faces until they finally "get it."
Man, it was a good day today..."

Also on the same day Blade also mentioned that "Drive-In Movie Maniacs" would also appear on "The Action Network" as well.

So we here at would want to congratulate Blade on torturing the world as a Syndicated TV Star now. Also Blade now that your a star also...You do know that money is owed to us right? Our Boss and Ruler Premier_Blah has been keeping track of how much money has been owed and its currently at $50.99 ($31.00 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right).

Over on "The Mike Check Show" Mike's in the middle pof playing artists that previously played at the "Vans WARPED Tour" since this is the last year that the Warped Tour will ever be in existence and he's playing "Optimist" by P.O.S

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