133 The All-Interactive Happy Hour: January 23, 2009

78 minutes

Does not come with corn oil as illustrated
This week's show is a "full 180" from last time (not a full 360?). The MegaTrolla has escaped from RD's house WrestleCrap HQ, and RD hopes for him to return. Blade is drinking too, so it looks like things are back to the status quo. Meanwhile AngryMarks is stealing the 12 listeners, and only 7 remain (or are new 7 people, we don't really know) (:06)

Sad News: Circuit City is closing. (:08) Blade is maliciously happy about this. Blade listens to old shows in his sleep and dreams of the elusive BM Punk. (:11) Upcoming new segments are 'teased'. Blade thanks the people who bid on his auctions and who directly donated to him (myself included). A random unopened cereal box featured in the Shoot Interview is being auctioned (with free shipping!). (:14) The WC Book of Lists Exclamation Point was third in the Wrestling Observer Book of Year running behind a book on the original Gorgeous George and Ring of Hell. (:15)

Trip to the Grocery RD's Trip to the Toy Store (:18) is hijacked by Blade's Hitting the Bottle. For some reason we YouTube the Theme to WKRP In Cincinnati and the follow up New WKRP Theme. To counterbalance that Blade presents the Don Mason Boogie. The only thing of note of RD's trip is finding Frank Stallone action figures. Do they sing "Take You Back" and "Pushin'" when pulled? Blade: "Wouldn't you have fun on the beach in spandex with Carl Weathers?"

Obscure Wrestling News (:32 in): Paul Heyman has opened a gym. There's no word if he'll do his Hustle in it. (Actually that's just a rumor, nothing is being built involving him. Although if it were built it would definitely attract more customers than an average ECW house showing. Strike One against our Co-Hosses.)

Some nonsense about Simon Dean. Demolition Blast (seen here on his explosive MySpace page) is now a motivational speaker. Sad News: Torrie Wilson's clothes store is out of business (in my earnest opinion it was probably less due to the recession and more that it was a general fucking disaster.) If it helps any her site officiallyjaded.com is actually working right now, albeit terribly out of date. We search her site for a bit and listen again to her terrible remix of Right Said Fred. RD has not heard of something called a "mute button".

(Actually she's just moving shop, perhaps for [again] getting better business than the handful of people she may be normally getting. Strike Two for our Co-Hosses. In the same news update it also looks like Jake "The Snake" Roberts has his own website. Let's hope he doesn't use it while drunk; it needs to be classified as heavy machinery for just that purpose. Or even worse - it consists entirely of pictures of his penis.)

[From the future: Actually scratch that. The whole thing has officially vanished from the intertubes.]

Question of the Week from "The Real Nathaniel Matt the TNA Fan" (:48) is on favorite TNA moments. (Well why not?) Blade liked one involving Jasmine St. Claire doing some sort of soft-porn type of things. So that's why they call it TNA eh.

Speaking of TNA our temporary Correspondent is introduced with a MIDI version of Jump. Oh boy, this can't be good. (:55) Sure enough we're subjected to sound clips of 'David Lee Roth' hooting and yes-ing from Runnin' With The Devil. Sadly despite all this he doesn't have any particular sound bites of actually watching TNA maddening RD. But you know what? He's easily my favorite TNA guy yet. He needs to make a return, particularly with a duet-trio-quartet with Johnny 6 and Nathaniel and Stubby.

David: No!
Johnny: I. Like. Big. Nipples.
David: Yeeeaaahhhhhh!
Stubby: [Some unfunny 'joke' about penis sizes]
(Laugh Track)
David: Wooooohoooo!

Current Wrestling News (:64). RD saw The Wrestler and wrote about it in his Ramblings. He discusses it a bit with Blade. We remember the "New and Improved" episode with that RATT Opening and that episode where Blade sounded like the Burgess Meredith Penguin. There's some talk about surprise run-ins for the Royal Rumble. Also Randy Orton punted a big one on Vince's head.

In honor of that skull-fucking, Seventeen Syllables:
Randy kicked Vince's head.
But hey, why should he stop there?
Please punt Stephanie.

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Anonymous said...

Minor note that it's Ratt, with two t's (neither of them being Booker.)

I made myself stay up until 2:00-something in the morning to listen to this week's show just to hear what went down between RD and the new TNA correspondent whom I introduced him to ;) (If anyone hates this week's TNA segment, they're a fool to do so, but either way it's sort of my fault.)