107 Two of Implants: June 6, 2008

Two of Hearts Karaoke
(92 minutes)

Blade makes excuses on why he no-showed last week's interview.

This week's induction is Gator Scott Hall (:13). Billy Ocean singing.

RD's Trip to the Grocery: Kellogg's Corn Pops' Indiana Jones' Adventure Spoon (is not to be had in your hand) (:25). Shouldn't Abdullah the Butcher have used a butcher knife rather than a fork?

"We accept you... if you wear shorts."
RD says, "Let's avoid the wrestling as long as possible" (:28). Blade and friend went on a quest for women's shorts so that they could go see Everclear (:30).

Obscure Wrestling News: Blade wants to run cliffhangers that have no chance in Hades of working. Charlie Minn has a job (:33). People are looking into who would replace Mick Foley in the lead role of Hey Dude! (:40) Hogan Celebrity Wrestling is set to air on CMT, the ideal home for wrestling. (:46) Cyrus discussion, for some reason (:48). Stacey Q and her anemia, for whatever reason (:50). Frank Stallone's Far From Over, for no reason (:55). For nefarious reasons Terri Runnels attempt to give away a house is a secret ponzi scheme. (:58)

MovieTolla: Stacey Keibler was cut from a movie called Mercy (:67). Sad fact: when you type Stacey Keibler" into YouTube's search box, it pops up the suggestion, "Stacey Keibler's feet."

Stubby the Dummy likes Karen Angle (:69). "You are unable to view this section of our site because your browser is not accepting cookies from nexternal.com. Please set your browser to accept cookies, then return to our store." Even the TNA website is brainless.

RD uses the Question of the Week as an excuse to announce the WrestleCrap garage sale from next week (:75).

Wrestlemania Surveys have some strange criteria for what would make good entertainment. (:78) Trish had her implants removed (:83). Blade reveals his other bid on WWE auction site (:86).

Vince's Million Dollar Giveaway is confusing as hell. (:88)

This Haiku Doesn't Come With Crown As Illustrated:
Vince's Mega Bucks--
We've seen DiBiase. Where
the fuck is Andre?

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