Episode 54: The 1990 Gooker Award Winner: November 29, 2020

24 minutes

Rather than talk more about the Undertaker, RD listens to Blade (for once) and talks about the Gobbledly Gooker instead who first hatched from Vince's mind 30 years ago. 

Blade fondly remembers the egg competing with his Black Scorpion. RD always found the egg ludicrous, even if Ric Flair had hatched from it. Blade thinks he should have done so with an alligator gimmick. (Besides, wasn't that Scott Hall?) But it was Hector Guerrero instead, and Blade wished he went feral and attacked Mean Gene with a crossface chicken wing. (:09) Blade kept the original bootleg recording which kept in the booing while commentating Piper and Gorilla Monsoon tried to salvage things.

RD admires their attempt to badly make a mascot ala the San Diego Chicken. (:13) Blade compares him poorly to WCW's Wildcat Willie. RD uses TNA's Stomper. They wonder when AEW will get one. At least he's not the Indianapolis Colts' Blue who charges $200 for home appearances and fumbles harder than [insert quarterback here].

The Gooker was refrigerated for 11 years before his outfit was redesigned. Maryse once portrayed him and cracked an eyeball. (:18) RD had his wife to fix it when they were loaned it (and Jordan was forced to wear it alongside RD, poor guy).

Blade still wonders where the kaiju-sized mother Gooker would be. (:21) As expected he missed his chance to make a movie with the outfit, most likely involving Don Mason in some capacity or other.

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