RD's TRIP! To Black Friday is Coming Back!

Raging_Demons here, boys and girls. I was reminiscing on social media about the good ole days of RD's TRIP! To Black Friday. Like he always used to do on Wrestlecrap Radio.

Them Deal sent me a response. Deal "Tweeted", or whatever it will be if Elon Musk doesn't destroy Twitter in the next couple of months. This:

Deal: "We will be starting these reports again on Joker's Mustache with

on channelattitude.com this upcoming week. Can't wait."

That's right. Wrestlecrap Radio will live on, kind of, with the Black Friday tradition on the upcoming episode of "Joker's Mustache"

Wait until Vince Russo learns the horror stories of Bedding Man & Calculator Man!

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