063 Here Craps The Judge: May 18, 2007

Masters of the Ghetto
(77 minutes)

Behold! Ghetto Amusement Park:
...and "Man-At-Arms"!
Karate Kid memories. Blade talks about meeting Ghetto He-Man while mocking cripples. (He stands up for them.)

RD's Trip...To Jury Duty! (by RVM Kai)
No Co-Host Contest (thankfully). Instead we have RD's Trip to Jury Duty where he was chosen to read the verdict in his radio voice. (:18)

Mail Bag (:30): Disco Bonfire wants Randy Orton to kick Mike Jones in the testicles. Sadly for OTG (3) Kevin Thorne will not give birth, not even to a bat baby. Krankor speaks in protest. (:33) RD plays a cover of Beach Patrol. (:38) Fraggle reference.

Obscure Wrestling News (:40): Maestro has opened a wrestling school. Jason Molestation shoots from the ass. (:44) RD is selling his Wrestlefest arcade game. Horsetrolla: A lot of people don't have farms. Mickie James is looking for people to ride her horses. (:51)

Victoria owns her own pizza shop. Santino Marella now hails from New Jersey. (:58) Rumor has it that Ludvig Borga did a 9/11 rap. (:61)

TNA has adopted a mascot... a kangaroo named Stomper. Blade wants to know its gender. (:62) Speaking of disasters... TNA is releasing a DVD entitled TNA: Year One.

Could Gene Snitsky be feuding with John Cena? (:68) Blade says it took fifteen years to replace Giant Gonzales with Khali. Rob Conway, 2Cold Scorpio, and Sabu were fired. (:70) Sabu showed up to a taping without his wrestling gear.

This Week's Wrestling Haiku:
Sabu without pants.
Gimmick infringement. My law-
yers will be in touch.

RD promises his first question for Lance Storm will be about his penis.

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