006 Self-urinating ReCrap: September 30, 2005

Self-urinating ReCrap
((( recorded in medium phone-buzzing fidelity ))) (30 minutes)

Boo Berry: The Fetish Ghost
According to RD's calculations the podcast has 37 listeners.

Blade has dreamed of Boo Berry. Some divas were fired but Ashley Massaro, Blue Paint Girl, and Zorak Girl were signed. Kerwin White now has a caddy. RAW on Spike TV requires a lot of censoring. Blade bought WWE's Ultimate Warrior DVD. The Question of the Week from John Knows Best involves Kennedy's orgasms. Mention of a winter solstice is made.

At Blade's Mercy with the Weekly Haiku:
USA Network
[Line censored by Spike TV.]
Jeff Jarrett's cornhole.

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