022 Saturday Night's Alright For Wrestling: March 10, 2006

Speaking of Verne Gagne masturbating...
(33 minutes)

RD says Vince Russo said they "could have him on anytime". He was also initially going to write a "ToyCrap" book with a man Blade fondly calls a "Fine Young Egg".

Obscure Wrestling News: Sad news: SuperPorky has been cut, along with the WWE midget/juniors/children's division. Blade is full of expletives this week. Johnny Fairplay has tickets to Wrestlemania. Brian Knobbs wants to be a TV judge. Speaking of Verne Gagne masturbating...Chris Kanyon has always been gay. Ricky Morton is finally out of jail.

Question of the Week from Sigma Fan: Matt and Mark Live has been shut down. (Thank God.) Who would you want to see tag team on a reality show next? Juventud Guerrera and Bob Orton were WWE traveling partners and that would be a good reality show, but only if they wore their mask and cast.

Saturday Night's Main Event is back. WWE should release a DVD of the old ones instead. Candice Michelle's Playboy will arrive this month (not safe for work, for obvious reasons).

The Return of Blade Braxton's Wrestling Haiku:
Candice in Playboy.
Another skank in the nude.
Yay, plastic funbags.

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