039 The RD & Blade Variety Hour: September 8, 2006

The RD & Blade Variety Hour
(61 minutes)

Cher once accepted an Oscar for Brando.
RD wants you to hate him, so he sings Cher songs.

RD took a Trip to Disney World with his family. (:09) He asks Blade if he'd rather be Mrs Deal or Mrs Trash. Sleepy, so sleepy.

Obscure Wrestling News, 25 minutes in: The Great Collie managed to evade being a police officer for six months. One of the listeners gets off to RD's voice. Bryan Danielson is fighting Kamala at ROH. Will they fight using rocking chairs?

Mail Bag: It's something, I bet. (:34) OT wants an apology from Vince for Katie Vick. RD does not like Ariel much. "I've seen better heads on boils," says he. He's basically in monologue mode today. Mike Paulin wants the Brooklyn Brawler for the Hall of Fame. (:39) Blade wants some guy named 'Aldo Morino' for the place. RD responds to him with a song.

RD was watching a Von Erichs DVD, and all the numerous deaths from that territory. (:45) A 'slave for the day' angle from that gives RD an idea for an Annual Colts' vs Lions' Seasons Bet: the loser will recite phrases sent in by fans.

Kurt Angle is gone from TV. (:56) RD wants to be dictator.

Seventeen Syllable Tribute:
Goodbye, Trish Stratus
It's the final curtain. I'll
miss your meat curtain.

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