051 Gonged with the Wind: February 2, 2007

Now Get The Perfume!
Gonged with the Wind
(62 minutes)

Fruit Loops are being made 'Colossal'.

RD's Trip to the Comp-U-Mart: A man smelled like Salisbury steak. (:07)

Co-Host Contest Week 1: Emmer Provost believes Asian wrestlers are immune to their own toxic mists. (:17) Alex Ewing does not know who Kona Crush is because he's not as old as RD, who could very well pass for his father. This gets RD mad for some reason. (:24) Tally: 1 for 2 'accepted'.

Obscure Wrestling News: Jerry Lawler will draw a Superman comic for DC Comics' website. (:32)

Dream Analysis returns, with music (:35): Blade had a good time in a grocery store. "Just because I like Ax and Smash don't mean I can't fuck." RD asks Blade if he wants to change positions. RD, Mrs RD, and Trash kidnap Stephanie McMahon, but Blade is hopeless at giving an interpretation.

Mail Bag (:42): Yanato thinks Spirit Squad should come back as DEVOtees.(:47)

Xtreme Xpose can't dance to save their lives. (:49) On Raw, Vince McMahon conversed with a pre-recording of Donald Trump. WSX rules because it's like a drug trip where everyone gets electrocuted.

Seventeen Non-Fish-Smelly Syllables:
Dubya S X.
I'd rather piss on their fence
than watch other Vince.


Hellsing920 said...
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Hellsing920 said...

Just a small correction. My name is Emer Prevost, not Emmer Provost.

Trivial thing, I know. But, accuracy should matter in these.