111 Stubbed: July 11, 2008

The WWF Pinball Lizard
(73 minutes)

Sad News: Stubby's dead, which is good because he was doing a poor imitation of Otto & George's act. Misses Deal set him on fire or something (:07).This makes Blade angry as only someone laughing while dying can. He also realizes only now that Raw sucks.

RD snapped a photo of a gigantic inflatable Titanic slide. (:15) Blade meanwhile saw a giant inflatable Eddie Murphy head used for advertising for Meet Dave. Sad News: that movie was terrible.

Obscure Wrestling News: Blade once asked a midget to imitate Steve Austin as Short Cold (:23). RD worked one show with WCWO in a furniture store (though not as bad as working with Diamond Dan in a junkyard), and was familiar with Ron Owens, the arrested manager of last week's Even Colder Mike Austin (:29). Blade has a friend named Vince Viagra. Chris Harris, who once worked with RD, debuted in ECW with the fantastic name of Braden Walker. (:32) Sad News: Ashley Massaro was released. (:34) FCW finally has plumbing now. Tommy Dreamer is following Chavo Guerrero in hair growth using.

RD put his WWF Royal Rumble pinball machine into the eBay WC yard sale. (:42) Question of the Week happened (:47). Ismael Naji (2) thinks the Big Nippled Vampire needs to eat a sandwich.

Paid boring self-promotion with Josh Dionio (:51 - end). Could you believe he paid $162.50? To be on THIS show?

How the haiku is supposed to be done:
08's shocking moment:
Heel Saba Simba.

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