119 Jim Ross vs. Chin Haas: September 19, 2008

Jim Ross Impersonation
(66 minutes)

RD and Blade start out talking about wrestling, by mentioning the debut of Dolph Ziggler. This week's induction is the Brawl for All (:01), which probably would have won the Gooker Award in 1999. Jobber of the Week: The Gambler. It Came from YouTube: Ahmed Johnson choose-me jabbers.

bignippledvampire.com was registered with Global Internet by Jay Watts (:06). Blade mentions the fourth W.C. Funnies comic (:07). A "Shoot Interview" is upcoming (:10).

Blade's Trip to the Grocery: Sad News: Star-O-Saurus and the Monster Cereals have been removed from Blade's three Wal-Marts (:14). Boo-Hoo Berry.

Obscure Wrestling News: RD wants to talk about wrestling news (:18), which is a bad idea. Jake Roberts fell off the wagon (:19), or drugged, according to a stupid angle his assistant is trying. [Update 12/28/08: Jake's assistant is actually a bottle of Mrs Buttersworth syrup that he thought was talking to him.] Shelly Martinez quit TNA, to do more fetish videos or something (:27). Jackie Gayda and Charlie Haas had another child (:30).

Update 2/3/11: Jake Roberts recovered and went on to win the EWA title belt!

A suddenly angry Jim Ross calls to vastly improve the show and does his Charlie Haas impersonation (:32). (skykid has posted this call on YouTube.) Charlie Haas impersonated Jim Ross this week on Raw, a few days after last week's recap in which I said: "WWE should lift this segment.".

Question of the Week: Rowsdower says something about spraying beverages for some reason (:41). TNA Peter Gazer shows up (:43). WWE should steal him next. Sad News: No Diva Search this year (:54). Smackdown vs. Raw is to be released and WWE does not want reviewers to post images of a digital HHH jobbing to anyone. (:58)

Only Seventeen Syllables Left:
Jeff, shitfaced on plane,
shitfaced seriously, and
don't call me Shirley.

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