120 Lovin' Life: September 26, 2008

"...and Peter North"
Lovin' Life, One-Twenty
(72 minutes)

Michelle McCool is loving life to start the show, and that's this week's induction (:04). (Forgotten Sin has posted RD and Blade's commentary of Lovin' Life on YouTube. Also, a fifth WC Funnies comic was made.) It's the 120th show and the show is the "longest running podcast in the history of man." (:06). bignippledvampire.com is being developed (:09). Blade remembers when RD used to want to talk about wrestling on the show, and how good Kurt Angle was (:13).

RD's Trip to the Grocery: RD bought Blade some Count Chocula, but it doesn't matter because Blade's K-Mart had all three Monster Cereals (:17). Blade has been drinking beer and V8 again (:20).

Obscure Wrestling News: Big Daddy V is now King V and is going to fight Sid at some Halloween-themed show (:24). The Big Nippled Vampire was released after she was stoned at a TNA function (:27). Blade wants a Dave Meltzer action figure (:28). "Big Nippled Vampire!" Blade says for her answering machine. The Big Nippled Vampire pulled her eBay date auction after fake bids pushed it to $10,000 (:37). "God bless the Big Nippled Vampire," adds Blade. New Myspace page: Angry Jim Ross (:40). Tammy Sytch has posted a YouTube video of herself as the next Lord Alfred. (:43). Blade makes a million Freudian slips in response.

Question of the Week from Todd G.: More details on Don Mason's horse-fucking story (:48) Blade calls him the Uncharismatic Enigma. TNA Peter Gazer segment starts and ends predictably (:56). RD and Blade talk about new wrestling dolls (:60). Save up your money to buy Chainsaw Charlie and Sparky Plugg this holiday season (:62). RD enjoys watching Bri Bella, but Blade doesn't understand him because he's suddenly gone deaf. (:63) The 800th episode of RAW. Someone says something about it.

Semi-Aging Haiku:
Ladder match 0-8
Shawn is at the age when old
men fall off ladders.

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