121 Tonight's Episode: Fatal Disaster: October 3, 2008

Tonight's Episode: Fatal Disaster
(69 minutes)

Blade's in bed for this one, because he decided to copy WWE by blowing out his knee (:03). Don Mason has a myspace (:08). He once molested a cabbage patch doll for some reason (:11). RD thinks of renaming the progrem as the Don Mason memorial podcast.

RD's Trip to the Grocery: RD eats a Yorkie, which is "NOT FOR GIRLS!" (:18), because it causes miscarriages.

Obscure Wrestling News: Jesse Ventura's getting a show on TruTV (:25), that will be canceled quickly because that's a bad idea. RD imitates Jack Palanche. The WCR Curse. Sean Waltman wants to start DeGeneration Mex in AAA, which somehow leads to Blade imitating Cosby (:27). Investigation of WCR mysteries. Norman Lear and his silly hat plan to make something of U.S. territorial wrestling in the 1970s (:33), proving that Norman Lear is senile and HBO is faltering. Shawn Stasiak has a podcast (:38) that should've been called Doctor Meat.

Question of the Week from Ismael Naji (3): This week's interactive is the Barnaby Jones opening (:45) (Barnaby Jones commentary video by Forgotten Sin; WCF 6)

TNA Peter Gazer has enlisted in the Navy (:51), which is sad news because there's a threat that this progrem will now cover actual TNA news. TNA is so bad that the spoilers are unreadable. RD vows to find "the ultimate TNA fan" to replace him.

Jim Ross calls to promote My Network TV's SmackDown (:58). He's angry because he needs some sort of satellite dish. Blade calls him out on his outdated one that was installed by his employee Dr. Death Steve Williams. "Go fuck yourself!" JR says in response.

Seventeen Syllables to Put This Show out of Its Misery:
They ripped off Trolla.
What will Nipple H steal next?
Oh fuck, the haiku.

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