154 Full Metal Midnight Rose: August 21, 2009

65 minutes

The wresting world is set on fire as...Macaulay Culkin does something with Hornswaggle on RAW. People seem to show up from decade-old movies; Blade wonders where those stars were during the Attitude Era. Could Biff Tannen be on WWE next? RD has some sort of inverse ratio of swearing to Blade (:06) Angry Marks is STILL an angry mark at RD. Unneeded anger from listeners for last week's episode. (:10)

No TRIP this week, Celebrity or otherwise (:11) as RD couldn't find anyone willing to be on the show, so he 'breaks kayfabe'. Some listeners made fun of his 'paid vacation' to Phoenix a few weeks back, so he invites him to try his experience of being trapped between the 200 degree summer heat and being stuck inside with the reincarnated spirit of Gunnery Sgt. Hartman as his instructor. He did go to a chocolate shop there though, and saw some double dipped ding dongs.

Some Obscure News might (not) help: Blade is going to a Loverboy concert to hopefully convince Mike Reno to be on the show. (:20) More importantly, Missy Hyatt is auctioning off an old dress of hers. The Co-Fruitcakes use the opportunity to continue to make bad sex jokes. PWI is being sold back to its original owners, which is certainly good news and not obscure in the slightest. The HorseTrolla neighs: (:29) Mickie James is hanging around with Big Show. Blade calls for the Sad News Music. RD hears the ghost of Mike Check thinking of it as fascinating.

Question of the Week, another new sender. (:34) Zap Fabian is getting a doctorate while listening to the show, which is related to psychotic disorders. He asks who the next pro-wrestler in MMA would be. His bets are on the Katt, but RD wants Ernest Miller to go to UFC. No TNA correspondent this week, particularly with Kurt Angle's restraining order from Rhaka Khan.

Jim Ross calls. (:40) There's your usual BBQ discussion with Marc Summer's Mister Penis. However this week, he complains about how he makes a mistake in calling a move on Smackdown and getting a constant barrage of corrections over it. It makes one want to shove them up your fucking ass! (Or call Michael Cole some more names.) Blade also takes time to check Gyminis at Wal-Mart finding a worn out figure, but the other three are gone. Oh, and Don West was replaced on TNA.

But enough about that, we have Current News to take care of. (:46) This consists of a call to the Pink Assassin himself, the Midnight Rose. Blade does it in an impression from a familiar Al Pacino gangster movie; my money's on The Merchant of Venice. Meng. He wears a mask to cover his facial scars from eating too many pineapples. They are pretty sharp especially at the top. While at Smackdown he saw some pelicans fly, and he lists them for us. Hit the Easy-E music!
7. Tiffany/Courtney
6. Molina
5. Leila
4. Michelle McCool
3. Natalia Nightheart
2. Katie Lea
1. Maria

:61 Stephanie McMahon has booked more celebrities to guest host RAW. Because when I think of wrestling fans I think of Al Sharpton. Also on the cards are Rachael Ray, Woody Harrelson, Regis and Kelly, and Danny Devito, perhaps as the Penguin. [Or even better as Frank Reynolds, so he can 'borrow' the progrem's music like what his current show does.] Blade: "Remind me never to watch RAW again."

Will Linda McMahon run for Senate? Seventeen Syllables of thoughts:
Linda for Senate.
Only one thing we can do:
Move to Mexico.

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