155 (Heel) Turn Me Loose: August 28, 2009

68 minutes

Everybody's working for the weekend, or so the song goes as RD plays it. He and Blade are hyped up for Mike Reno's appearance of sorts on the show, though I'm guessing drugs may also have to do with it. But there's lots of love for Reno and Loverboy. RD invites the (still angry) Angry Marks to come on his show next week.

And so now the Celebrity TRIP of Mike Reno. (:09) Blade and a fellow Crapper named Logan (who I'm guessing is the best he is at what he does, and what he does isn't very nice), went to see Loverboy in concert, and with their PressTrolla passes went backstage to talk to the man and his lovely Canadian accent, eh. We hear the recorded tape of their conversation. (:12) His son wears his leather pants and the band had whiskey in those Donkey Kong barrels in Hot Girls In Love. And he plans to go to Indianapolis to kick RD's ass, in a friendly way of course. (This scares the Co-Host for some reason.) Oh, and Mike's favorite breakfast is honeyed vaginas. To commemorate the occasion the Co-Fruitcakes thus watch the video of Dangerous.

The Faxtrolla fires up for Obscure News. (:22) Scott Hall and Sid Vicious discover the Internet. Speaking of Obscure News... RD endures a few seconds of their video collaboration (Last Call with Scott Hall Volume 1) before he can't take no more and reads the comments instead, calling the thing "nice mark service."

Meanwhile Ashley Massaro had some leg surgery for some infection, the Big Show cheats at thumb wrestling at TMZ, the BabyTrolla cries out JT Titty's second birth to a girl, congratulations. (:33) Not to be outdone the HorseTrolla neighs; Lillian Garcia's phone has been stolen, on her last week with the WWE too. Blade still calls for the Happy Drinking music for Mickie James' miniskirt, but changes his mind and listens to Hot Girls In Love instead.

Everything in Arizona is tan.
The Horns trumpet for the Question of the Week. (:42) RD met Ultimate Kennedy while in Phoenix (pictured at right), and calls on us to find the Ultimate Questioner for their progrem. He also plans to visit all 12 Listeners. Anyway, Questioner Magic Mark Hurr likes Jim Ross, and wants to know if he likes Jack Hannah. Well, guess we should call him then! He has a new assistant now from his Rolodex, one Hollywood John Tatum. But he doesn't like Mr Hannah, most likely from him harshing his buzz from eating smoked koala - which tastes like chicken, according to the Oklahoman.

:55 There's still no sign of the new TNA guy, pulling a Peter Gazer on us. So Dixie Carter calls instead. She's going to appear on TV for the first time, but she wasn't on for long; she had to go to another toy conference after all. It's basically more of the same.

:59 The good old Coliseum music is heard. There are rumors that WWE is making a new TV channel. Blade wants it to show Diva porn. Loving remembrance of Don Muraco and Mr Fuji's antics. 'Gay masks' at Vince's birthday party summons Gay Popeye. Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk gyuk!

Seventeen Syllables to get us the heck out of Dodge:
Vince McMahon's Birthday.
Gay masks, huh? More like one great
big gay half-hour.

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