159 Laying a Rock: October 2, 2009

Just Checkin' For Ticks
71 minutes

Blade's exhausted instead of drunk this week (shocking, I know), so he tries to get the crickets to do his Co-Hosting job for him. Al Sharpton made WrestleCrap hosting RAW this week. Blade wanted Roy Innis to host instead. RD doesn't know who he is so Blade teaches him. He has more hits than Enos Strate of the Dukes of Hazzard. Sir Alec uses his theme music (:16) to read a comment. Blade constantly distracts him with his laughter.

Still no Celebrity TRIP this week (:22) but the Duo went anyway. Blade tries some extinct Doritos flavors returned for Halloween. RD hates his Popcorn Indiana.

Obscure News (:31) Blade gets erect from women listeners. Ashley Massaro in Playboy again makes Blade speechless. Hulk Hogan and his girlfriend get matching tattoos so Gay Popeye calls. He sleeps with Bluto and calls his penis names. Jimmy Snuka is attempting to sell a reality show on his everyday life. Trash Losagain has a baby boy, Brody (congratulations!).

Question of the Week: (:43) Raging Demons (4) asks Blade for advice for the recession. Blade's shirt has three words on it: Drink Fuck Roam.

Johnny 4 is turned on by Blade's command. Sting's days may be counting down; so too does J4 as he attempts to laugh phonetically and gets stuck.

Current News (:52) The earlier Current Wrestling News music is being used by WWE for Rikishi. The Pittsburgh Steelers will host RAW, though Blade wants understudy quarterback Charlie Batch to host. That sounds like a name Vince would invent. Heel RD once participated in a tug of war.

The Rock returned to Smackdown and showed he is one of the 12 Listeners with a strange reference to BM Punk, who calls the show while in the bathroom. He cuts a promo on him via haiku.

Put that toilet seat down with Seventeen Syllables:
Advice for the Rock:
Jabroni, don't pinch off
more than you can flush.

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