177 Choke-Job: June 17, 2010

61 minutes
((( recorded in one-half low phone-buzzing fidelity )))

Sad News: the "demise" of Patrick Stewart at the Roast. (Even worse, Blade's sound quality while being outside on the job, no Mike Check-style live remotes sadly.) He probably pretended to die to sneak back to London to accept his knighthood. It's just another teaser for the upcoming DVD.

A first: Blade avoids re-telling a Don Mason story about him getting bitten by a caterpillar. Rambling discussion over his sound quality.

Even more Sad News: Mike Check has formally come out of hiding from playing dead at the Roast. RD can't read the Angry Marks ad copy no more, not even as Jeff Foxworthy if possible. Lord Alfred shills from beyond the grave. RD resists the urge to answer the telephone even as Blade wants to fuck a DVD. (...is he really that small?)

:12 RD's TRIP to a Star Wars convention in Florida to meet random actors and actresses. No Jake Lloyd Jr. though. RD Junior judo chops Ray Park. RD does not understand the term 'cosplay'. Blade eats Doritos' Mr. Dragon Fire Chips from the base of Mt. Fuji. His opinion of them is unfavorable. Their caller attempts again to ring in.

:32 The Midnight Rose will wrestle once more with Jerry Lynn on July 9th somewhere. Stacy Carter is engaged to Kizarny. Obscure Diva Blade wants to be with: Scott Steiner's woman. RD meanwhile likes Velvet Mcintyre. Trish Stratus is not naked after all.

Dream Analraping: Mickie James' parents did not like Blade's bandana for some reason. I have no idea of half of what Blade is saying.

Jackie Gayda has once again given birth while her husband continues to try and get a profit from her. (I am definitely sure if hopeful that she is a far better mother than she was a 'wrestler'.)

:45 Question: Paul searches for the mythical McDonald's that Ken Patera once 'interior designed'. Blade has a few places of his own that he wants to visit in his spare time.

:49 It is Blade's turn to find another TNA guy, a 'comedian' this time around, "hopefully" by the next vernal equinox. They're running out of viable 'comedic' stereotypes/impressions/voices at this point.

:51 Carol Brady will guest host RAW. More discussion on whether old TV stars are still alive or not. Blade: "We basically talked about nothing about wrestling at all." Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson has been future endeavored.

Seventeen Syllables of Wrestling News
Bryan Danielson.
Work or shoot, they ask again?
Shoot, he needs work now.

RD finally relents and picks up the Sheriff on the line who teases us for next week...What is this, a Doctor Who serial? Will we find out he shot JR too? [Are you sure you're not related to Mike Check? - "Showstealer"] [Depends, did he work in the Dallas market at one point? He MUST have been Harvey Lee while working in the 60s.]

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