195 How: April 29, 2011

60 minutes

Now available in HD.
WrestleCrap Radio returns to the (digital) airwaves after a two year month absence. Lucky me. I would say the break in recording is from some karmic retribution of not actually making a proper episode before the April Fools one, hence this result. But I don't think anyone would be the wiser from this. Either way, it is fine by me. Anything to lessen the, ah, 'experience' of subjecting myself to and summarizing the radio progrem. (I really am a masochist.)

#1 It also appears the DraftTrolla supersedes all made bets, as Glen Danzig has been drafted to WTKO The Knockout. He would certainly have a lot to say on THAT network, that's for damn sure.

Sad News: WWE Niagara Falls has been future endeavored.

#2 To try and liven things up Gay Popeye is drafted to the laugh track. Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk gyuk. (:05)

#3 To try and liven THAT up Mike Check is drafted to Promotional Consideration. Hilarity ensues as they try to get him to shill from prison. (:07)

#4 Jim Ross is drafted to take a TRIP to the Grocery. (:19) He was too busy standing vigil for Johnny Ace's moist skateboard to find anything of note there. "Never trust a carnie with your meat Deal," he advises.

The Midnight Rose is now on cable in Kansas. (:26)

#5 RD tires of Blade much earlier than last time, so he gets Sir Alec on his end of the tin can and string instead. RD is not sure how long he should play his music. (:30) Trish Stratus is selling some sort of water online. Sir Alec often used hush puppies when malt vinegar was not available.

#6 "Satan" is summoned so RD can explain what exactly he does on the show. (:36) His old friend Billy Graham is up to no good again. Neither is Mickie James.

#7 SPEAKING OF the Midnight Rose, he's drafted to answer the Question of the Week. (:41) It's from Raging Demons (5), who thinks a porn startlet looks like Madison Rayne. Shouldn't that be the Observation of the Week insetead?

#8 Stubby reclaims his old post of TNA Correspondent. (:46) TNA is receiving a worker's comp lawsuit from an injured Daphnee. (According to the Honky Tonk Non-Mail Man, Karen Jarrett also has her own suit against the company .) Sir Alec temporarily becomes possessed by Popeye for some reason.

:52 Sin Cara is on a trampoline like Dennis Stamp. WWE wants to make their own TV network. Then Blade starts coughing, causing RD to laugh uncontrollably.

#9 Chief Jay Strongbow is drafted to deliver the Haiku.
How. How. How. How. How.
How. How. How. How. How. How. How.
How. How. How. How. How.

#10 The radio progrem's Intro tune has been drafted to replace the Outro.

A very minuscule amount for the Swear Jar, just 50 cents, for $18.00. I don't count swearing from Blade's other characters because that's in their character to act around like that. Now, if Brakestown HIMSELF does it, that's a whole other story entirely!

*Note to self: Insert self-portrait with my own WWE Niagara Falls Cup here*

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