Episode 11: Bowl School Raw: March 4, 2013

Promotional consideration paid for by...
15 minutes

(Guest recapper: R.V.M Kai)

RD & Blade discuss "Old School RAW" aka "Monday Night Duggan". They also discuss Auto Corporal Kirchner's non attendance since he's "no longer with us" (well, according to WWE.com canon that is). They also wonder whether Lord Alfred's ghost or an imposter will be making the "promotional considerations".

Sad News 8 minutes in; Blade recounts his experience (or was it the Midnight Rose?) at the Tecmo Super Bowl in which he was unsuccessful and blames it on a "torn rotator cuff" he suffered the previous night (or so he says).

[I'm just shocked - SHOCKED - that Blade lost. Again. - PB]

Blade: "I'm the 16 bit man. 8 bits are for boys."

Facts & Figures (as compiled by R.V.M. Kai Erik Majorwitz)


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