Episode 13: Planewatch: March 29, 2013

"Sweep The Egg Johnny"
25 minutes

RD is shocked how 'often' they are recording their phone calls.

RD was once again back in the Old Continent for business, where he did the following:

  • He ate a 'canal eel'.
  • He remotely fixed a server.
  • He fell asleep standing up thanks to some Nyquil.
  • He paid $0.65 for ketchup.

Blade was once addicted to aspirin, or 'ass burn' as his family called it. (:06)

WrestleCrap is 13 years old. RD wrote about Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage on Baywatch literally while flying. Blade does his Don impression. (:08)

Instead of the good old funeral home, RD's annual Easter Egg hunt will be in a katate dojo. (:13)

Blade and Cory Udler The Midnight Rose (who turned 4 years old on the 7th) and the HTMM will be at another horror convention, this time in Cleveland. (:14)

RD has been reading a book by Bob Holly, which he likes. Apparently he did not like Kevin Nash. He must be a Vince Russo man. (:17) In that vein, Blade remembers seeing the New Midnight Express live, which involved getting drunk and spilling beer over his ex girlfriend. But of course. (:21)

RD promises the Listeners that they will do this year's April Fools episode, as is their norm.

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Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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