Episode 27: Generic Music Wrestling: April 23, 2014

In Stereo Where Available
47 minutes

((( NOT recorded in high phone-buzzing over-modulated fidelity )))

RD searches for more Betsy Russell, much to Blade's happiness. (He's friends with her on Facebook, you see.)

RD's mute button doesn't work. (:08)

The two have been podcasting for close to 9 years now. This makes Blade call himself George Washington for some reason, if he was working construction instead of chopping down cherry trees. (:11) RD has ideas for on-the-job ear protection which does not involve sticking paper in the ear like Blade does.

Blade: "I'm a piece of garbage."

RD is a fan of Steve Austin's (new) podcasts because he thinks he's doing an impression of Blade. (:16) Meanwhile their Jim Ross has taken over the OG JR's podcast (The Ross Report). (:19)

Blade had a bad experience with the WCW Hotline AKA Late Night With Jim Ross.

RD calls Diamond Dan's Hotline. (:24) Remember, that's 317 335 4688. Again, 317 335 HOTT.

TNA has a TV deal...in Italy. Because it's definitely a wrestling powerhouse country that can't show WWE over there or anything. (:26) Things have gotten so bad that Jeff Jarrett had abandoned it to create "Global Force Wrestling" (:28) RD wants Global Internet Greg to hack into their 'Database'. Blade would rather watch Captain Planet, poor bastard.

RD admits that Blade was right for once, in that he cannot watch Generic Music ECW on the WWE Network. (:36) He's 'watching' Legends House though and can't believe how fake it all is. (:41)

Vince Russo is to make a three-peat appearance next week because he has a Big Announcement to make. (:45)

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 2. Tomboy, Diamond Dan Hotline

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 4. Diamond Dan, Vince McMahon, Chris Beavers Jr., Tito Santana
  • Entertain the People:  1
Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku:
TNA in Italy?
Looking forward to Dixie’s
Euro Trash Wrestling.

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