(Episode 26/427:) Hobo On The Range: April 1, 2014

Something tells me that I don't want to smell what Blade is cooking?
21 minutes

This week, echoing cooking maestro Blade Braxton entertains Stubby's, Nintendo John's, and Sir Alec's audiences as he shows the proper way to make a five layer Parmesan cheesecake, ramen noodle chicken tacos, and Capri-Sun popsicles.

This Week's Guest: Wrestlecrap.com's RD Reynolds has a new book coming out this year. He loves cheesecake, despite his initial reservations about Blade's cooking skills. "Do you have any idea what a cheesecake actually is?" he asks before attempting to gulp it down. The majority of his throwing up is (thankfully?) covered by a tornado warning. (:17)

Don Mason Fact Of The Week: Don used some of his signature Cock Sauce to put that special kick in his recipes.

Blade: "You can't spell OH BOY without spelling HOBO."

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