Episode 32: Nine Years Of This & That, Bro!: November 26, 2014

Cue RD making "tapping noise" effect.
86 minutes

by R.V.M Kai

It's the show's 9th Anniversary (...3 months late) once you get around The Fabulous Freebirds' rendition of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back In Town". [Even weirder, it's not Mike Check's doing. He'll come later - PB]

Blade: "I sit around and, you know, we're getting older, so we forget things and we ramble and we mumble -"
RD: "That never happened in the early days, no."

"Two middle fingers up!"
It also seems that the new and "classic" progrems have merged since into some sort of weird hybrid; the theme songs and sound effects made a return, and Blade tells his Trip To The Grocery Plasma Center where he overheard two marks thinking that that one guy in Guardians of The Galaxy was Steve Austin. (:10).

RD shills his interview sparring session with Vince Russo (or "Vic Bro" as they call him) on his podcast "The Swerve" at pyroandballyhoo.com over his 10 year Anniversary Edition of The Death of WCW (buy it now!) (:13). It was so dramatic an interview that it needed a trailer for some reason, but at least the two parted amicably. Blade cannot shill properly because he is thinking about a random Nitro Girl.

RD DID go to the Grocery to find his old flame: Little Debbie Christmas Cakes. (:23)

Speaking of women on Blade's mind, he managed to speak with his idol and Sharknado 2 star Kari Wuhrer. She eats Honey Combs. (:25 - 30)

[Speaking for myself, I've always had a crush on her for two things. 


There was that old TV show Sliders (alongside John Rhys-Davies, another always memorable legend), and when she was Allied Special Agent Tanya Adams in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. That game was and still is a blast. The arcade style gameplay? Ray Wise as the US President? Udo Kier as an evil Transylvanian psychic? Barry Corbin as a ridiculously charming (even if Texan) general? The always awesome Frank Klepacki's music behind all of it? I could go on and on but you get the idea. It's actually where I got my original username from, it's so fond to me. 

Also, she was a far better Tanya than her successor...Jenny McCarthy. Yes, really. I'm surprised they didn't replace her bullets with vaccine syringes. - PB]

If this doesn't persuade you to
give it a look...I don't know.

The two skip Obscure Wrestling News and get stuck into some Current Wresting News instead; Mickie James liking to have babies (cue the HorseTrolla), Sting returning and doing This & That at WWE Survivor Series (though sadly not bringing his bird with him), and Tammy "Sunny" Sytch hitting a new low by doing nude Skype chats for money. [I like how in that linked article the "editor" is as speechless as I am. - PB] They also wish they could have Tammy do one wearing the Scaleface mask and dancing like Don for 10 minutes [or perhaps six fucking hours long?] a la this famous video (:31).

The naming of Jim Ross summons him on air. He 'shills' his return to wrestling commentary for New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom 9, which is sadly not sponsored by New Coke. He then talks about hiring 80 year old former NWA/WCW announcer Bob Caudle to help sell turkeys from the back of a truck for Trucksgiving. Bob sounds an awful lot like John Thomas. (:49)

The Co-Fruitcakes read emails and tweets from the 12 Listeners concerning their obscure Wrestlecrap Radio memories. They have no recollection of half of them. Speaking of "obscurity", Viewing Booth Bill Cosby calls and mumbles incoherently, as usual, for some reason. At least he has his own theme music now. A few more minutes of airtime and he may actually become a full fledged character. (:61)

Mike Check tunes in and surprises everyone with some Sad News. It seems that ole Mike has fallen on hard times due to his recent lack of success in the radio business, so he now has to drive the "choo-choo train" at Disney World to make a living. [I thought the Sad News was how he was so out of prison the Co-Fruitcakes don't have a proper explanation for it. He just 'is'. - PB] He also, in a throwback to his days as TNA Correspondent, plays the song "Golden Dream" in honor of Impact moving to Destination America (:70).

The 9th Anniversary debacle ends with the return of Blade Braxton's Weekly Haiku.

Let's See Here:
Nine Years of Podcasts.
I still cant believe one thing:
Joyce Dewitt still lives.


Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • 9 Years!
  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 4. WrestleCrap.com, Death of WCW 10th Anniversary Edition, Drive In Movie Maniacs, JCCC Website
  • SPEAKING OFs: 8. Black Friday, Halloween, name dropping, Sunny, flow charts, flow, getting old, class.

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 4. Kari Wuhrer,  Jim, Bob Caudle, Bill Cosby, Mike Check
  • F-Bombs: 5. Blade, Kari Wuhrer (2), Blade (3), Jim
  • Blade Time Outs: 4 (3 Real Quick)
  • RD Time Outs: 2 (2 Real Quick)
  • Blade Burps: 1
  • Cricket Chirps:  1
The TRIP to the (blank) returns with music as do the crickets, the HorseTrolla, current wrestling news, Mike Check, and the sad news music. 
Mike isn’t in the business anymore.

Wait what, the haiku is back?
  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku:
    Nine Years of Podcasts.
    I still cant believe one thing:
    Joyce Dewitt still lives.
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku: A fantasy fulfilled for Blade?
    Celeb cereal pick?
    Kari hates the marshmallows!
    Controls Blade’s remote?

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