WCR Video: RD Reynolds versus Vince Russo?

(By Raging_Demons)

The biggest controversy to happen on this side of the Mississippi. Former WWE/WCW/TNA writer Vince Russo, who's been a guest a few times on Wrestlecrap Radio & The RD & Blade Show, now has his own website called "Pyroandballyhoo.com" along with his own Podcast called "The Swerve". Russo decided to invite one...RD REYNOLDS HERE (co-writer of "The Death of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition") for an interview & well things don't exactly go well here in this trailer for Russo's "VIP EXCLUSIVE" video portion of the Podcast. Edit: September 16, 2015: The trailer video has since been removed, however, the full video portion of the interview has now been uploaded for free on Russo's YouTube channel and can be seen below:

Russo's big fact opinion argument on Deal was that he "never was a wrestler & doesn't know about the business". Unfortunately for Russo, he doesn't know that Deal WAS in Indy wrestler & manager

Or the time Deal wrestled in a Blindfold Match:

Or the time Deal managed Mark Henry when Henry went up against Big Show where Show chokeslammed Deal TO HELL! Thus ending Deal's wrestling career.


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