Episode 34: Tensomething: January 15, 2015

Unfortunately, this image of Rebel, of
"The Menagerie", will most likely not
be part of the "Gooker Award" induction
for this year..........And that guy in the
front row got all dressed up for nothing!
85 minutes

RD reads the series synopsis for Thirtysomething.

The radio progrem is to be 10 years old. WrestleCrap is to be 15.

Blade wants a cop tag team named Cop-A-Feel with a guy named Pat Down. Unfortunately he is 20 years too late.

RD feels someone is rigging the Gooker voting. Someone get the Supreme Court on the case, stat. (:07) The current leader, some (always) bad Diva antics, are being threatened by a suspicious surge of Vince knocking down his talent for not letting him knock them down enough. RD is leaning towards having both entries win and induct them both. 

RD: "Is TNA still around?"

Sad News: Blade makes a sad joke and the Crickets are not there to reply to him.

Blade is still angry that the Lions were cheated out of the playoffs by those evil Cowboys. (:13) While I sympathize with his plight (both with pitying the Lions and hating the Cowboys like everybody else does)...they were still going to get beat by the Packers anyway. So better now than later then. If it helps, here's a guy mercilessly beating the Cowboys in an attempt to beat Emmitt Smith's all-time rushing record on Madden NFL.

Sad News: the Zombie Tim Roberts is no longer with us. For real. This isn't a work or anything; he's not faking his death to return as a Zombie and moan for your pleasure.  He is actually deceased. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his loved ones. (:17)

:19 The HorseTrolla tells us Mickie James is engaged to Magnus, father of Dawn Magnus. The duo watch an old fight of hers where the announcers do a Bizarro Daniel Bryan impression. Also she once used an "ancient" dildo in the ring.

:33 Christy Hemme has given birth, though not with that TV stalker that one time of hers. Blade is spot on with peoples' ages. According to he Anne Frank starred in One Day at a Time.

:44 Stephanie has a workout tape. Blade remembers the good old days of Paul Orndoff in an old school ad. The duo discuss the awfulness that is Illegal Aliens.

:48 Sunny is angry on Twitter for people calling her a streetwalker for some reason. Gee, I wonder why. This involves beef with Ashley Massaro for some reason.

:59 People are still in an uproar that Hulk Hogan is inducting Randy Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame, which is taken as seriously as calling Sunny a Hall of Famer (see what I did there?). Blade presses random buttons on his phone in anger.

RD loves WWE's new Wrestlemania Limited Edition Pinball Machine because of the Legends on it. Jim Ross calls in to vent his frustration of not appearing on it. (:74) He tried to create a life sized poster of himself to attract children to his restaurant. This causes Blade to laugh uncontrollably. He wants to open a new restaurant in Japan.

Seventeen Syllables for that:
Demolition Axe.
Demolition Axe and Smash
Better be on Raw. 
Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The RD & Blade Show Sponsors: 2. WrestleCrap.com, Absorbing Junior
  • SPEAKING OFs: 1. NFL screw jobs

  • Phone Calls & Run Ins: 1. Jim
  • F-Bombs: 1. Jim
  • Blade Time Outs: 5 (1 Real Quick)
  • Entertain the People: 1
  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku: Blade has an Ultimatum for Raw Reunion this week:
    Demolition Axe.
    Demolition Axe and Smash
    Better be on Raw.
  • Erik Majorwitz’s Hindsight Haiku:
    Tammy bitchin’,
    Angry Jim pitchin’; seems like 
    deja vu...again!

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