♪Gooker-Gooker Time is Here.♪

Oh joy. My honest opinion, and this is my opinion since this is Raging_Demons here kiddies, is that this time of the year we should get The Chipmunks to sing us a song about this oh so joyous occasion.

What occasion you say?

Well first of all if your saying anything while reading this blog post you must have some sort of mental condition but enough of that you geeks, nerds, and poindexters. We are talking about...

The 2014 Gooker Nominations are out! Wrestlecrap.com's widely known recognizable reward for the worst in wrestling for angles/storylines/feuds or what now. RSPW? Nope. Dave Meltzer? Dave Meltzer probably not talking about carnie hating twins (or something like that?) Its The Gooker.

So what did 2014 stink up this time around? Here are YOUR Nominations.

1. The Summer Rae/Layla/Fandango Love Triangle of Indifference: Once upon a time not so long ago Fandango was huge! Fandago debuted with a win over Chris Jericho on a Wrestlemania, he was a meme, I mean he was big! Gabby Hayes big! Put him with an Un-Diva named Layla & a piece of plastic and you got crap.

2. Adam Rose vs The Bunny: Remember when we thought we liked Adam Rose, then we hated him because he stole The Midnight Rose's gimmick, then some dude in a Bunny costume got more famous than him (rumor that its the same Bunny that competed in the APA Bar Room Brawl is still inconclusive). Now we have Adam Rose feuding with The Bunny and nobody cares.

3. Return of The RAW Co-Hosts: Grumpy Cat? Hota & Kathy Lee? Yeah I'll pass.

4. "The Stalker" Sam Shaw: Stalker gimmicks are never good. Go ask Barry Windham or DDP about that. Now rookie Sam Shaw becomes the new stalker and takes things way creepy. Hell I had fun with that gimmick with Sam Shaw over on Twitter and it was no bueno.

5. Bella vs Bella: My personal choice there. The Bella's are probably the worse Divas ever in WWE. They can't wrestle & now they prove they can't act by doing this nonsensical feud as filler until Daniel Bryan comes back. Once again WWE proves that if a woman goes down on her knees no matter how awful a performer you are (yes I'm taking to you Nikki Bella) you will get a push from hell!

6. Vince McMahon's Live Interview on "The Steve Austin Podcast": This one interview, at the time a cross-promotional stunt for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's podcast & the WWE Network proved to literally destroy the roster from an emotional standpoint how Vince sees his stars. If you think I'm wrong go listen to it yourself.

7. How the 2014 Royal Rumble was booked: Daniel Bryan not in the main event? A returning Batista winning The Royal Rumble Match?


8. The Menagerie: Take former "Aces & 8s" member Knux, add Christy Hemme's best friend Rebel, throw in Rob Terry in a mask & a crazy clown named "Crazzy Steve" (because you can't be crazy without saying he's "Crazy" or have 2 z's in your name I guess) & you got...a lot of shots of Rebel in jean shorts.

9. Jeff Hardy as "Willow": Jeff Hardy re-packages himself as some guy in a mask with a thing for umbrellas & jibberish.

10. The Return Of Claire Lynch!: Claire Lynch was so popular, I mean it did win the 2012 Gooker, for being so horrible WWE decided to rip that off for The Authority's feud with Daniel Bryan last year. Not only that was such a bad idea but when that happened "Claire Lynch" was trending again on Twitter due to the fact that WWE copied it!

There you go. 10 piles of fecal matter. Which one deserves The Gooker? Click on the link to voice your opinion.

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