WCR Video: Angry Jim's Hall Of Fame Ring

Since it's WWE Hall Of Fame time, and since Angry Jim is still mad at me for playing that last video, here's a flashback clip from Wrestlecrap Radio (episode #190) where Jim discusses the WWE Hall Of Fame...and what he'd do if he had Andre The Giant's ring...which, let's just say, is "not appropriate".

(Video by Greg Diener)

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(*phone rings*)

R.V.M Kai: Is that the phone again?...(*picks up phone*) Wrestlecrap Radio?

Angry Jim: How ya doin' tonight Kai? You wanna know what else's not appropriate?!...Go **** yourself!

R.V.M Kai: JIIIIIIMMM! You're calling me here again just to say that?

Angry Jim: Well yes and no! I just wanted to call to tell ya that although you're p***ing me off, I'm happy today!

R.V.M Kai: Happy?

Angry Jim: Yes, I've been doin my "one man show" in San Jose to capitalize on the WWE Wrestlemania weekend. This this big boobed blonde woman sitting in the front row has been eyeing my huge co...[*cough*]...cowboy hat and says that she wants to pay me to do a private show in L.A. in a couple of days!? I think she wants me to go there to **** me Kai?! So if ya'll excuse me I'm gonna go put on my Hall Of Fame c*** ring and go j*** off!

R.V.M Kai: JIIIIIIMMM! Now that's really inappropriate! Well hopefully this means that Jim will finally "get some" and stop calling me. ...Or is it?

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