WCR Video: Two Count "Tess"

Back in 2012, Two Count Tees (another obscure website similar to the one you're reading now) sponsored an episode of WrestleCrap Radio and an unfortunate typo in the "Ad Copy" almost resulted in a new character being born: "Two Count Tess"!

Unfortunately a "Two Count Tess" character never actually materialized on WCR, which is a pity because a character based on a hybrid of Ms. Tessmacher (formerly known as "Anonymous Brooke" according to RD and Blade) and Sesame Street's The Count, where she was a TNA Correspondent who called the show just to count to 2 and then hang up, would have been "license to print money"!

(Video Title: "Two Count Tees Invades WrestleCrap Radio" by TwoCountTV)

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