WCR Video: RD & Blade Interactive: Scott Steiner's Freak Show Workout

RD Reynolds, along with the "Shakira to his Midajah", Blade Braxton, aired a couple of audio clips from the recent Wrestlecrap.com induction of "Scott Steiner's Freak Show: The Big Poppa Pump Workout" on The RD and Blade Show (ep #37, May 27 2015). So I decided to upload the "niiiice" visuals to go along with the audio (...that I "borrowed" from a YouTube review of the DVD).

(By R.V.M Kai)

If you want to see "The Big Bad Booty Daddy's" full workout video, featuring more of Steiner's workout methods; which include him doing lifts with logs and with girls on his shoulders; go buy the DVD here.

Edit: Speaking of bodybuilding videos with unnecessary sexual innuendos; the star of "Pumping Iron" will be invading The Mike Check Show as the "T-800 Terminator" in July.

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