WCR Video: Johnny Six's Debut

Last week on The Mike Check Show, the T-800 Terminator was sent back from the future to protect Mike Check, for some unknown reason, and will "be back" today (July, 8 2015) to fix the front door that he had damaged last week.

Well speaking of robots performing menial tasks; this WCR Video features the debut of Wrestlecrap Radio's (from episode #88) original Robot character; Johnny Six (aka The Trolla-Tron 5200). Who's Johnny Six you ask? He was a robot created by the Trolla Corporation and modeled after "Short Circuit's" Johnny Five to be RD Reynolds' house cleaner. Unfortunately, he also became WCR's first ever TNA Correspondent until he exploded five months later (Teaser: But more on that next week!).

WCR Reconstructions: Johnny Six's Debut (12.21.07)
(Video by Greg Diener)

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