WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #046: Black Friday’s Bedding Man

Since The Mike Check Show has referenced the "Bedding Man" Black Friday Story, here's a Wrestlecrap Radio flashback from Minisode #046 (in 2006) for your enjoyment. For those unfamiliar, basically "Bedding Man" was a person that RD Reynolds witnessed at Kohl's during a Black Friday sale yelling on his cell phone saying (quote) "Bitch! I am in line! I am in the store! I'm back in bedding!" (unquote)...while lying on a store bed:

Also included in this Minisode:
  • Good Times and John Amos.
  • Francine retired.
  • Centaur Mickie James is lifting the tail.
  • More wrestlers for the OVW box.

(Video by wcrminisodes)

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