WCR Video: Interactive: Far From Q'ute

In this WCR video from Wrestlecrap Radio episode #107, RD and Blade's discussion on 2008's "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling" goes into a tangent when they argue on whether, 80's singer "Stacey Q", looks "cute" or not for some reason? The Co-Fruitcakes then do commentary on her "Two Of Hearts" music video to judge for themselves.

...But their CCW discussion was "Far From Over" because they do briefly go through the reality show's "star-studded" list and then later watch another music video by the first male contestant that was eliminated from the show, which was, you guessed it:


Note: I (R.V.M Kai) created this video after I recently discovered that a previous video title "Stacey Spew", which was one of my favorite "WCR Interactive" segments, had been deleted from YouTube. So I spent literally 6 HOURS LONG re-making my own version...so anyone asking me to re-create another one is "pushing" it!

Oh, and speaking of "Pushin'" (and Frank Stallone), go over to The Mike Check Show right now!.

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