And now, for (another) something completely different.

With the bi-annual updating of the longest running radio wrestling podcast in the history of the entire known multiverses causing Mike Check to have some...fascinating misadventures, regular updates about the wrestling progrem (besides good old flashbacks and reminiscences; of which you can hopefully see a few below on the very page you're reading this) are quite rare, if ever. I mean, how would we know about how the characters and callers-in are doing (if RD & Blade are able to get around to voicing them)?

One point of mystery in particular; RD as the so-called Stewart Patrick Stewart, he of the Pontiac shilling and leaving nows. The whole thing is basically a very stretched 'joke' in the loosest sense of the word based on the real Captain Picard/Professor X/Neo-Nazi leader (if you haven't yet seen Green Room then what are you waiting for? One of the best horror movies of the year by far, and I'm not the biggest fan of them) voicing over some Pontiac car commercials during the 90's back when Pontiac, car commercials, and Pontiac car commercials were still a thing. Sadly, besides he now doing some ads for another car-related company (alongside his fellow Enterprise rival being the Priceline Negotiator), I always thought he was the only Enterprise-D flag officer doing such a thing.


"The Temporal Prime Directive can kiss my ass!"

Yes, that is indeed Jonathan Frakes, IN CHARACTER as Commander William Thomas Riker, on the ACTUAL Enterprise-D Bridge set, doing a corporate commercial for enterprise automation solutions (...get it???) from Boole & Babbage, a systems management company now owned by the mega-corporation BMC. This was actually part of a multi-year deal done between B&B (not Berman & Braga thankfully) and Paramount, also during the heyday of The Next Generation, to use Star Trek licensing as part of their marketing and advertising, and of which Frakes was more than happy to be a part of.

Sadly while there is a lot of mentioning of "data" Brent Spiner does not make a cameo appearance, marketing deal related or otherwise. Though to make up for it, this is one of the few (albeit in the 90's) times where using Cleveland in a business related sense could actually be taken seriously. Perhaps in the 24th century both Cleveland and Detroit are the financial centers of the UFP.

Knowing and seeing this, it's a wonder if Frakes Jon doesn't become a WWCR character in 2020.

However I sincerely hope and pray to the Emperor his catchphrase is NOT "I'm coming now." Save that sort of stuff for Risa, pal!

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