WCR Video: Minisode Flashback #130: Mega X-Mas!

For the six of you who probably paid attention to the debacle that is The Mike Check Show's Halloween Hootenanny back in October, the undead Zombie version of Nathaniel was once again killed off by "Broken" Matt Hardy's drone; 'Vanguard One' after it carried a pair of audio speakers onto Mike's doorstep to play the song "Halloween Spooks" (yes, the sound of that song along with "Monster Mash" will kill Zombies by making their heads explode "Mars Attacks style", apparently?).

In the days before being resurrected as a Zombie in wrestlecrapradio.com's "expanded universe", Nathaniel Edward Rodham Davis (aka N.E.R.D) was one of Wrestlecrap Radio's TNA correspondents who would constantly annoy RD and Blade with his over-the-top TNA fandom. He was originally killed off during WCR Christmas Episode #130 on December 19, 2008 by another 'drone', The Megatrolla, that was sent to him as a gift from 'The Trolla Corporation'.

...And you can relive that moment along with; Don and the dwarf, Crown Royal and Egg Nog and Angry Jim recording his Christmas album, right here:

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