113 Christyanity: August 1, 2008

Paul Christy Owns Shopping Centers
(74 minutes)

Prolonged discussion of magician and wrestling talk show participant Paul Christy. Buy his apartment buildings book!

Paul Christy's One Ring prepares to consume Gene.
RD's Trip to the Restaurant: Blade misses the music compilation commercials (:09). RD won one year of free Chick-Fil-A by waiting in line outside overnight for twelve hours (:12), during which RD did some more corn-holin' (:20). Don Mason worked at Hooters one time and was once stung by a centipede.

Obscure Wrestling News: Blade is 33 but wants to be on American Idol (:25). Honky Tonk Man's finger was injured doing a stupid guitar smashing thing with dopey teenagers in a parking lot (:28). Blade reads an email by Superstar Billy Graham (:33). A cop involved in the Even Colder Mike Austin case was fired after he stole evidence money. (:38) Brooke Hogan is an idiot when it comes to the presidential election. (:41)

Sad News: WWE went to Texas yet had no ZZ Top cameo (:45). Fear not for their health, they seemed to be touring Europe at the time, and you can probably catch them at a state fair near you. HorseTrolla: Mickie James has odd nude photos (:47). Ricky Steamboat Junior, who once rode a pony at WCW Wrestle War '89, debuted for Premiere Wrestling Showcase (:53). His father's song on that one WCW album is questioned. Question of the Week from Primetime (2): The Lions last won a championship in the 1950s (:55).

TNA News: A no-show for the new TNA correspondent (:61).

Freddie Prinze Junior is on the writing staff of WWE (:63). WWE Films is now WWE Studios, so RD & Blade suggest sitcoms the studio can produce. This Week's Someone Bought This is Vickie Guerrero's wedding dress (:68), and next week's could be Nunzio Signed/Worn Elf Costume. Mike Adamle is Raw G.M.

Seventeen Syllables For Ya:
G.M. Adamle--
What on earth could be better?
G.M. Paul Christy.

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