"STAN The Evil Troll Lord" (Formerly known as "Satan")

Rumors abound that he is actually
Pitch of the Mexican Santa Claus movie.
A daemonic voice who called into the show from time to time claiming to be the Devil. (It would explain his patronage of allowing the show to go for so long before claiming Blade.) As part of another of his plans to take over the souls of men he 'possessed' has-been and also-ran wrestlers to rant and rage on social networking sites so he can read them aloud on air. As evil plans for world domination go, it's rather convoluted and small planned. But I guess all evil starts out small, right?

He coincidentally persuaded the world that he no longer existed after Blade's death.

  • Originally 'appeared' back in 2008 when Blade read an angry Satanic e-mail from Billy Graham. However he didn't have any fancy low voice or theme music to go with it. He first actually appeared appeared on Halloween 2010.
  • For a Lord of Darkness he was rather polite.
  • Despite being a 'daemon', he could not get past RD's sometime censoring of him.
  • Dropped the letter "a" from his name on episode #255, legally renaming himself "STAN The Evil Troll Lord" for some reason.
  • ...Oh, and worship "The Stan".

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