WCR Video: Sit Down For Wrestlecrap!

In late 2010, former WWE CEO Linda McMahon attempted to run for Senator of the U.S. state of Connecticut. She was attacked by politicians on both sides of Politics for WWE’s past business and ethical scandals, as well as their controversial story lines (e.g: the time she kicked Jim Ross in the testicles on TV, having her daughter Stephanie participate in a Satanic wedding, Trish Stratus barking like a dog in her underwear...and we haven't even got to Katie Vick yet?). Linda’s husband and WWE chairman Vince McMahon got ultra-defensive, as usual, and posted this video on WWE.com.

RD Reynolds from wrestlecrap.com thought that Vince McMahon's "Stand Up for WWE" was such a brilliant idea that he filmed his own campaign video for his own website with the slogan "Sit Down For Wrestlecrap"!

(Video Title: "RD Reynolds Addresses the WrestleCrap Universe" by WrestlecrapRD)

Hmm. Come to think of it, this video is kind of relevant right now as RD needs YOU, the twelve listeners, to Stand Up "Sit Down" for him against Eric Bischoff, and his war on Deal's "Death Of WCW Book", at Starrcast's "Death Of WCW Panel" on Saturday, September 1st, 2018. Edit: Oh and speaking of that, here's another two videos uploaded by RD Reynolds advertising the Wrestlecrap Panel and addressing Easy E's threats to Deal's private parts:

"Starrcast WrestleCrap Panel - Last Chance!"

"Eric Bischoff Physically Threatens Death of WCW Author's Private Parts"

...And you know who else needs to "Sit Down"? It's Harry Belafonte, who's song can be heard over on The Mike Check Show! And also be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

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